Red Blue and Brown Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

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Embrace the power of soothing and calming energy with our Perfect Gift for Men or Women - the Red, Blue & Brown Tiger Eye Healing Bracelet. Since the Middle Ages, Tiger Eye stones have been revered as powerful protection amulets against negativity, making this trio of gemstones a symbol of strength and positivity.

Each bead in this exquisite bracelet is carefully crafted from three distinct Tiger Eye varieties:

  • Blue Tiger Eye (10 mm) fosters a sense of tranquility and harmony, promoting open communication and inner peace.
  • Red Tiger Eye (10 mm) enhances courage and vitality, empowering the wearer to overcome challenges with confidence.
  • Brown Tiger Eye (10 mm) provides grounding and stability, making it an ideal companion for daily serenity and focus.

This versatile bracelet is a perfect gift for both men and women, celebrating their individuality and offering a sense of protection and well-being. Wear this treasured accessory as a daily reminder of its calming properties and let it inspire positivity in your life.

Discover the transformative energies of Red, Blue & Brown Tiger Eye stones and share the gift of harmony and protection with our Perfect Gift for Men or Women. Embrace the ancient wisdom of these powerful gemstones and radiate with their empowering spirit wherever life takes you.

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    💥 Please measure your wrist and add 1/2 or 1 inch to the size obtained.

    Our bracelets are accompanied by a stone description card, allowing you to understand the unique properties of the gemstones featured in each piece. Additionally, each bracelet comes with a charming gift burlap pouch, ensuring your precious jewelry is stored safely and stylishly.

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